Digital system

  Slot racing digital system
Compatible with existing analog tracks
2.4GHz Wireless. 20 cars per track, up to 4 tracks
Open interface

oXigen digital system bridges the gap between analog and digital racing.
Designed, developed, supported by, the reference company for Slot Car Racing, oXigen turns quickly digital racing into reality without loosing compatibility with traditional analog racing on the same track.

Cars are controlled by radio and take their power from the track.

This creates a clean communication between the car and its controller, and at the same time poses no restriction on the track power.
Lane changing is based on the robust and well tested SSD LED protocol developed by Hornby (used under licence).
oXigen accessories like lane changers actually work very well with SSD cars.
Specific modules can turn lane changers from Ninco and Carrera into oXigen or SSD lane changers, at small cost.

Type A


Type B




Lane Change

• O2 track pieces for Scalextric track

• O2 LC parts can be used inside Scalextric SSD systems
(under licence from Hornby)

• Upgrade electronics for Ninco and Carrera lane changers


More oXigen

• A whole new dimension for club slot car racing

• Maintain your existing investment AND analog racing

• Easy setup

• Developed and supported by

• Compatible with SCP-1

• Open PC protocol for third party software

• Supported by PCLapCounter

• Available NOW!



Oxigen software. *Requires USB/RF dongle.

oXigen Radio cartridge


oXigen chip In-car controller
(type B)


Battery holder for SCP controller in oXigen configuration


oXigen Battery holder



oXigen Lane changer
driver for Ninco/Carrera


oXigen Dongle